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Labeled as a “flight risk” by her family and friends, Katelyn has been known to jump on a plane…and jump off.


She has traveled extensively through Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia, where her passion and interest for different landscapes and wildlife grew exponentially.


She visited multiple animal sanctuaries to learn more about the wildlife in each country. From skydiving through the clouds over New Zealand’s North Island to diving around the Great Barrier Reef, Katelyn’s favorite part of her travels were the animals she met along the way.


After living on a copper mine in Alaska, a remote ranch in Montana, and a tiny island off Florida, she has found that her favorite place to be is her home state of Missouri.


She has worked in an antique mall, family entertainment center, bungee jump site, and various lodges and resorts. Katelyn now loves to be able to write and illustrate children’s books!


Her books are based off of places she has lived and animals she encountered along the way.


She is still considered a “flight risk.”



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