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Kids: Let's Draw a Sea Animal!

There are so many different animals in the world, and a lot of different reasons to love them.

You may like an animal because it’s so cuddly – like a bunny!

You may like an animal because it’s so strong – like a rhino!

You may like an animal because it can change its colors – like a chameleon!

I think it’s easier to separate the types of animals we love into categories, such as sea animals and jungle animals, etc. That way, no one has to choose only one.

Today’s category is: sea animals.

Children's drawing of an eel.
Tai's favorite sea animal is a sea snake!

My favorite sea animal is a dolphin. I love how playful and cute they are! It’s so fun to watch them swim together and jump in the waves.

Three fun facts about dolphins:

  • Dolphins have lasting relationships. They protect and live with their best friends for life.

  • Dolphins can swim up to 22 miles per hour. Their curved dorsal fin, strong tail, and flippers help them swim fast.

  • Dolphins love to have fun! They jump in the wakes and waves of boats and make self-made bubble rings.

Do you want to draw your favorite sea animal? It’s fun! Download and print the sheet below.

Download PDF • 433KB


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