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Kids: Let's Make a Map!

Maps are very fun to create. A map is a picture of an area, on land or sea, that shows physical features or symbols that can help you get from one place to the next. Features can include cities, rivers, mountain ranges, and more! You can make them super simple or put lots of detail into them.

Fantasy map
A map that I created with bright colors and fun names.

Spooky map
The same map, but with dark colors and different names.

Sometimes there are map keys. A map key explains what the map symbols mean, especially if it’s a small map and words won’t fit.

A map key drawing of a forest and a cabin.

If there isn’t a map key, the physical features, symbols, or names can be labeled directly on the map.

Do you want to make your own map? It’s fun! Or you can choose to color in the map that I created and make up some fun names for the symbols/physical features!

Download and print the sheet(s) below.

Download PDF • 1.26MB

Download PDF • 453KB


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