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Kids: Let's Write a Springtime Story!

A short story is a fictional narrative that is short in length that can be read all at once instead of much longer chapter books. Sometimes there are entire books made of short stories!

They contain everything in a “regular” book, just shortened. This includes a character, setting, conflict, plot, and theme or message.

Springtime tree with bluebirds

Today, we are going to write a very short springtime story! I included these six words in my story: spring, trees, flowers, picnic, rain, funny.

On a sunny morning in spring, Snip the Squirrel was waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in the trees and the sweet smell of flowers. She had planned the best picnic with her friend, Jack. But before they could go, it started to rain! Snip thought the day was ruined. Then Jack started to laugh! He thought it was funny and started playing in puddles. He was having fun! The day wasn’t ruined after all. Snip and Jack played in the rain all day long.

Characters: Snip and Jack

Setting: Time - spring

Conflict: Nature – it started to rain

Plot: (what happens in the story)

Message: Don’t sweat the small stuff/go with the flow!

Do you want to write a springtime story? It’s fun! Download and print the sheet below.

Download PDF • 1.30MB


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