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Avoiding Writer's Block

Sometimes an author goes on a great streak – creating all these stories, publishing a book, planning future series. But suddenly, they come up short and think “…now what?”


Writer’s block is being unable to think of what to write or how to continue writing. It’s when your creative juices are low!

Writer's block


Did I have writer’s block? Almost. I would say that I was walking very close to the edge, but I never fell over. Who doesn’t love a good adrenaline rush though, am I right?

I prefer my adrenaline rushes to have a safety harness and professional supervision. If you’re traveling to New Zealand soon, contact me for recommendations for places to skydive and bungee jump!


None of the ideas I had for this book were solid enough…nothing seemed right. Every story I came up with stopped somewhere in the middle with a “so…what next?”


I don’t know!


How do people get writer’s block? Usually it’s from lack of inspiration, illness, depression, or a sense of failure. Did I have those things?


No. Yes? I don’t know! Is one of those things stopping me from writing? Maybe I should move to Florida. The beach inspired me to write Ollie’s story – maybe I could do that again. I like the weather down there.


I moved to Florida!


I didn’t start writing.


It took a while to get myself situated and used to living in Florida, but I didn’t have the time to write yet. This is the part where I’m as close to the edge as I can possibly be.


Shoes on edge of cliff
Probably THIS close.

But I didn't fall! Instead, I flew back home to Missouri.


During that plane flight, it was quiet. Nobody was distracting me and I felt calm and relaxed. It was just me, looking out the window – and the story, the story I’d been waiting for, suddenly came to me!


Now I knew I did NOT have writer’s block! I narrowly avoided it, and that is a very good thing.


Below is an example of falling (or willingly jumping...) off the edge.

Cliff diving
There is a harness
Cliff diving in New Zealand
AND supervision.

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